Open Up To The Possibilities

I remember I was once asked by a psychotherapist, ‘why was I so excited and looking forward to Ramadan?’. A month of no-eating! I thought, hmm … how do I answer such a question? Do I go into the features and ruling of fasting in Islam? What clever, intellectual explanation do I give? Then  I […]

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All Change!

Originally posted on Muslimah etc:
Have you heard the hadith ?When the month of Ramadan enters, gates of Paradise are opened, gates of Hell are closed and devils are chained.? Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim? A question that comes to mind when this hadith is read: ?Why is it that we are struggling with our…

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You are asking the King of Kings 

This Ramadan Muslims in the UK are fasting a long day; around 19 hours. It sounds daunting and may seem like an impossible task to some. Let me assure you that having fasted two days so far, it is manageable. From experiencing previous Ramadans I can tell you that it does get easier; the body gets used […]

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Reflections on Ramadan 2013

In the spirit of preparing for the coming of the blessed month of Ramadan I reflected on how last Ramadan went and lessons learned. Hand on heart, I would say that it was one of the best I have had in years. Not just in making the most of the month itself but also in […]

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