Open Up To The Possibilities

I remember I was once asked by a psychotherapist, ‘why was I so excited and looking forward to Ramadan?’. A month of no-eating! I thought, hmm … how do I answer such a question? Do I go into the features and ruling of fasting in Islam? What clever, intellectual explanation do I give? Then  I […]

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The Best Women (4 of 4)

Such a woman should live in a palace, be surrounded by servants and maids and be adorned with gold and silk. That is our understanding of how a person with high status should be. However, a browse through seerah books will give us a totally different picture.

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The Best Women (2 of 4)

In a hadith related by Bukhari, the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) gave the example of a Muslim like a date palm-tree. How beneficial is such a tree in the desert of Arabia; its fruit, leaves, trunk and shade.  This tree made an appearance in

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