The Terrible Twos

by Hafsa I Temper tantrums are a normal part of your child’s development as he learns self-control.  Almost all children have tantrums between the ages of 1-3yrs, they are often called ‘the terrible twos’. It can be a very stressful period.  Much of the difficulty we experience with our children is related to how we […]

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Your Parents and Your Children

by Hafsa I In our role as parents raising upright well rounded children, it is important to teach them obedience and kindness to parents. This is an act of ibadah because after obedience to Allah and his Messenger (peace be upon him) is obedience to one’s parents. “Say not to them (so much as), “uff” […]

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Parenting Matters Prelude

While having lunch at work we were talking about maternity leave and cover. One of my colleagues mentioned that for a suitable cover to be found for me I would need to become pregnant by April this year. I exclaimed that I would need to find the father first which may push the deadline a […]

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