Quotes on Legacy

Reflecting and pondering comes in different forms. Today, I spend some time to ponder over what other women said about ‘legacy’.

What are your thoughts about leaving a legacy? Is it something you’d considered?

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Volunteering … More Than A Label

Salma, Karima and Laila met at Dublin airport when their flights were delayed because of the weather conditions. They lived in different European cities and were travelling to visit family, attend weddings and explore. What they had in common and got them into a heated discussion was their strong opinions about volunteering. Giving up some […]

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If you’re on the passenger’s seat, who is driving your life?

Does this sound familiar?

Feeling like your time is not your own. Waiting on others before you make decisions or take the next step. Having achievements to your name that in your heart you don’t feel they are yours. It could be because you’re not really sure where you’re heading to so any direction will do. Or perhaps your life is being driven by other people’s expectations and plans or your own fears and limiting beliefs. 

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