Be A Friend (part 1)

By Ayesha K The end of your offspring’s childhood marks the beginning of a period of changes most commonly known as the teenage year. At this time there are usually two categories of parents; the first that enjoy this time because the effort they put into the many years of nurturing their child has produced […]

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… and Actions Soon Follow

By Shamim F   After instilling the Foundations of Emaan in your child it’s now time to put this into action by moving to the next phase of helping your child to fulfil the obligatory actions of worship. These actions of worship nourish and sustain Emaan and are an outer manifestation of it. Salaat As […]

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The Heart of the Matter

By Hasfa I   A community imbued with moral uprightness always ascends. This is a universal principle that holds true at all times.  Children of good character are the building blocks of a successful community. Cultivating strong Islamic values and identity in early learning prepare children to be well balanced and nurtures healthy minds.  We want […]

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By Hafsa I Discipline is not to punish but rather to help raise a well-rounded righteous child. A part of having a productive household is the use of effective discipline.  Effective Discipline is that which uses gentleness and respect. The Prophet (peace be upon him)  taught us:  “Whoever was given his share of gentleness, then […]


The Terrible Twos

by Hafsa I Temper tantrums are a normal part of your child’s development as he learns self-control.  Almost all children have tantrums between the ages of 1-3yrs, they are often called ‘the terrible twos’. It can be a very stressful period.  Much of the difficulty we experience with our children is related to how we […]

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