The Battle of Badr

This module covers the period after the migration of the Prophet Muhammed to the city of Medina where many other Muslims had joined him or travelled there before him after the Muslims of Medina invited them and affirmed their support to Islam and its Prophet.

Listening to the audio on the battle of Badr, that took place in the 2nd year of Hijra (migration), I could not help but swim deeply in the sea of my thoughts.

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Doing What’s Right

You are standing at the door and can hear shouting. A woman is shouting at her husband and telling him off severely. You are there a while more and cannot hear the husband shouting back. Is he not in there? Is he not a MAN? Why is he letting her vent her anger like this?

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Family Business

I remember one of my ‘wow moments’ as a child was when I saw a presenter on TV mixing the colours blue and yellow then, hey presto, green appeared! I could not resist a smile, when years later, my science teacher overlapped beams of blue and yellow to form a circle of green light. Many events are

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Never Say Never

When I was in the prayer room a sister came in looking not her usual cheery self. We got talking and she said: “What do you do if you’ve been advising someone for so long and trying to help them better themselves but they don’t seem to listen? You talk to them and know that they don’t care?” Do you give up? Do you cut your ties with them? My thoughts were: that is tough.

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