Kalemni Arabi

Many of the people on the street would say to them “kalimni Arabi” that is “Speak to me in Arabic!”. The students were puzzled. That was what they were doing; the students were stopping people and speaking got them in what is called modern standard Arabic. That version of Arabic which is used in the papers, on the news and many articles on the web but

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Now, Discover Your Strengths

Can you imagine how productive and enjoyable it would be working in a team where the individuals promote and complement each other’s strengths? And why confine such concept to the workplace? Doesn’t our community, voluntary and dawah work deserve to be organised, efficient and productive?

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Obstacles or Options

A whole weekend on Salah (prayer), masha’allah, it was great. I feel that we’ve gained so much knowledge and increased in our sisterhood. I can’t wait for our next London AlKauthar course in February! A thought. How many of you would I meet there?  

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