I want to be invisible

I felt her anguish, pain and confusion. I couldn’t tell her off for uttering those words. Neither could I bring myself to present her with those old images that attempt to exemplify the status of women in Islam. As a Muslim woman she felt that she was under the spotlight, all the time. Whatever she […]

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Another Cost of Losing Weight

The ‘after’ pictures may show them wearing their old clothes to show how much smaller that person has become or maybe how much bigger they were. Either way, it is definitely used to show the magnitude of their achievement.

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The Hijab

I was once asked: “Why do you wear the hijab? Why do you let men dictate what you wear?”. For those who do not know me personally, when I am outside my home I wear a headscarf and a loose overdress on top of my clothing. I believe this lady was referring to my headscarf […]

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