I am a British Eritrean Muslim, born in the Middle East and currently live in the United Kingdom.

I have a tendency to organise, categorise and prioritise most things. I do have a creative side; I like arts and crafts, making jewellery and wearing patterned headscarves.

I am a Pharmacist working in medicine regulation, qualified to teach English (TEFL) and Arabic (SOAS University). I am passionate about learning and enjoy running and facilitating workshops and seminars. I also a certified Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. If you live in London, UK, why not check out my NLP therapy sessions booking page.

I believe a Muslimah (a Muslim female) strives to be God conscious (have taqwa) in all her affairs and to interact with people with the best of character and that’s where Muslimah ETC comes in; as a window for a positive and practical view on being Excellent in Taqwa and Character.

I hope you find benefit and inspiration in reading Muslimah etc. and please do share on your social media pages.

I look forwards to your comments and suggestions.