New Beginnings

Imagine sitting on a boat, sailing on a calm lake waters. Your fishing rod probed up and has been like that for hours waiting for a fish to take the bait. You fall asleep in this serene, slowly rocking boat.

A while after dusk you decide to head back home. “It has been an uneventful day”, you say to yourself as you unload the few small fish you managed to catch and your fishing gear into the back of your car.

But was it really ‘uneventful’?

What can really pass through life unchanged or unchanging?

Back in 2009, when I decided to start this blog, I was at a certain point of life… seeking… exploring… and unlike your fishing trip, with an air of impatience.

Life hasn’t been a calm boat ride but until I began to take pause-time to reflect and consider my inner mind workings, I would also have said that not much had changed. In reality, my statement would be “What remained the same?”.

One of those shifts was a sparked interest in exploring my own cultural background and how that mixes with my current life and influences to shape the person I have become and am becoming.

As a consequence, I will soon be making the move to ‘Tale Tailor‘. In Tale Tailor I will be journaling about my own life and inviting other Eritreans to share their life stories.

While I still was in the UK, I had the opportunity to ask some of the women in the community to tell me about their lives in the UK. I must admit that many were reluctant, especially talking to an Eritrean like them. They thought that there was nothing special about their stories and they were not worth sharing. I hope that when you sign up to Tale Tailor and get the Taster Mini Series you’ll be glad that they did share their stories. Tale Tailor will include stories by women and men, young and young at heart.


  • Stories are powerful conduits for documenting history, traditions and customs that we are increasing losing, for a multiple of reasons.
  • Individuals are important and worthy for themselves. Telling their stories affirms that to themselves first.
  • Telling our stories helps us bring to the forefront the lessons that somehow we decided to cast a blind eye to. Sharing those helps others to learn their own lessons.
  • Some stories need to be told to bring about peace and healing to the teller and/or the community.


It feels like it is a good time to move on to this venture, which was in the planning phase for almost two years!

What will happen to Muslimah etc?

I will endevour to keep published articles available online. I hope there will benefit gained from staying virtually alive.

If you are a Muslimah and an aspiring writer, do contact me. I welcome voluntary contributions to the blog.


It’s not the end… It is a new beginning


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