Happiness in Helping Others

Have you ever wondered why you smile when the sun is shining with its warmth felt on your face and skin?

Have you ever wondered why you get into a mood when it is cold and rainy?

One explanation is that at some point in your life you made an association between being happy or upset and that particular weather.  While curiously enough someone else gets totally excited when it rains because, for them, the rain brings back happy childhood memories.

Like it or not we make loads of associations, some helpful and others not so.

One unhelpful association that had come up in a conversation with a friend was the idea that one to be helpful to others they had to sacrifice their time and money. Helping others carried negative connotations of being taken advantage of. There is a whole set of beliefs behind that that I hope you will consider exploring after this reminder of your own gains from helping others.


I think it is important to remember that when helping another person, it is because they are lacking in something you have; strength, status, wealth, knowledge, connections etc. Also, just because that person is in need of help with their job search, it does not mean they are in need in other areas of their lives.

As a believer your extending a helping hand to another person would be motivated by your desire to please Allah through that action; to bring happiness and hope to their lives; to show gratitude to Allah for his blessings on you; and to exemplify the character of a Muslim.  It would be reprehensible for your actions to be motivated by the desire to show off or overpower that person to pressurise them into a decision or an action that they wouldn’t do if they did not “owe a favour”.  A Muslim’s words and actions should not bring harm to others.

Now that we’re done with the disclaimer, let’s get to the good stuff!

Being able to help another person is a sign that

  •  Allah loves you and wants you to draw closer to him– he has given you opportunities to do good deeds
  • Allah wants a good life for you – when you busy yourself in doing good you leave no time to engage in evil and time wasting activities.  Positivity and productivity will be your norm
  • Allah will preserve his blessings upon you because you are using those blessings in what pleases him
  • Allah will make this life and the after easier on you – if compassion and mercy is your character then know that most Compassionate Allah will envelope you in his mercy
  • Allah wants you to be of the best of people – isn’t the strong believer more beloved to Allah than a weak believer, though there is good in both. Strength is not just a physical thing, it could be in influence and leadership.

How can we be helpful?

  • Help with what you can. Allah does not burden a soul more than it can bear.
  • Have tawakul (reliance) on Allah and he will bring possibilities that you did not think existed
  • Acknowledge and be grateful for the blessings you have. Then you’ll appreciate the its loss would have on a person and hopefully more inclined to be there for them.

Take a moment to reflect and ask yourself

How can I be of service today?


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