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I am building a glossary to explain terms that you come across here at Muslimah etc. and may be unfamiliar with. If you can’t find a word here, please let me know in the comments section.

Note that I am spelling the words by way of transliteration. So, try and read the word out loud and you may find that you’ve come across it before, it just looks different.

Many thanks & happy reading!



Allah – God, the one, as called in the Quran and by the Prophet Muhammed

Alhamduliallah –  thanks be to Allah


Bismillah – In the name of Allah. Said before taking an action for blessing and returning to being conscious of Allah.

Banu-Israeil – The children of Israel, a term used to refer to Jewish communities


Deen – religion

Dua – supplication


In-sha’allah – by the will or permission of Allah. Said to signify that strength and ability are ultimately granted by Allah

Prophet Issa – Jesus

Istikhara (dua) – this is a prayer to seek guidance from Allah after doing one’s research and seeking advice from appropriate people. Check here for the supplication (dua).


Masha’allah – What Allah willed. This is said when please about something/someone.

May Allah be please with him/her – said after mentioning the name of a prophet’s companion

Prophet Musa – Moses


Peace be upon him (pbuh) – said after mentioning the name of a prophet


Quran – The word of God (Allah) revealed to prophet Muhammed in Arabic


Subhanallah – exalted is Allah from any imperfections. This is said when amazed about something/ someone.

Prophet Sulaiman – Solomon


Ummah – linguistically means nation but tend to be used to refer to Muslim communities


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