All Change!

Hopefully the change will bring out our hidden better self

Muslimah etc

Have you heard the hadith ?When the month of Ramadan enters, gates of Paradise are opened, gates of Hell are closed and devils are chained.? Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim? A question that comes to mind when this hadith is read: ?Why is it that we are struggling with our acts of worship or bad habits even though the devils are chained??. One response is: ?Because Shytan (the devil) has trained us so well throughout the year that we are on auto mode now!?. Have we paused to consider that change may not be happening because of us and not the commonly blamed reasons of family, credit crunch, weight etc?

Do you really want to Change?

Actions are by intentions. So what is our intention from making a change? Is it coming from within us or something that has been imposed by others? Do you feel that you have to…

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