Striving for Excellence in Taqwa & Character


By Hafsa I


Discipline is not to punish but rather to help raise a well-rounded righteous child.

A part of having a productive household is the use of effective discipline.  Effective

Discipline is that which uses gentleness and respect.

The Prophet (peace be upon him)  taught us:

 “Whoever was given his share of gentleness, then he has been given a share of good. And whoever has been prevented from his share of gentleness, then he has been prevented from his share of good.” [1]

Discipline tips:

  • Correct mindset before actions
  • Be aware of both yours and your child’s stress level
  • Be proactive not reactive
  • Listen to your child and go down to his level
  • Be fair
  • Is your child seeking attention
  • Kiss your child
  • Always give practical demonstrations
  • Be consistent in enforcing consequences
  • Educate your child

By ensuring effective discipline, this will create a greater harmony within the household, an atmosphere of love and respect.  Be sensitive, be patient, be gentle and guide them for children are in need of direction and instruction.  Our children are an Amanah and assets for us from Allah. If we can do our best to preserve this amanah, they shall be source of happiness for us in both the dunya and akhira ameen.


Alkauthar Institute Weekend Course – Parenting Matters, The art of raising Righteous Children’. Taught by Sheikh Alaa Elsayed.

[1] Tirmidhi



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