Talk is Cheap … Add value with Action!

She was so small, had a sweet smile and spoke amazingly fast, masha’allah. I met her at a fundraising bazaar. Let’s call her sister S.  I found what had transpired that day interesting to watch. Or should I say encouraging and comforting. Early that day sister S was offered a laptop to use. She was also offered a lift home with a group of other sisters. Sister S was well received in a community that she did not attend and attracted positive response. I loved her energy and enthusiasm, may Allah protect her.

By now you may be thinking “What was the sister selling?” Considering that she shared the registration table, her merchandise could’ve not been substantial, yes?

With a few leaflets, cards, a couple of pens and a clipboard sister S was raising awareness and collecting signatures for Baber Ahmed. What’s the story with Babar Ahmad?. She believed in his innocence and knew a lot about him as a person i.e. his upbringing, his education, work etc. She was not going to gain anything from this endeavour of hers. The aim of the day was to tell people, collect signatures and pray the numbers add up!

It was encouraging and comforting to see Allah’s gifts upon sister S. Free laptop so people can access the website directly and sign the petition. A ride home with a group of sisters who lived in her local area which in turn meant she could stay longer and collect more signatures. The attendees were curious and receptive.  I remember hearing a sister saying that she saw Baber Ahmed’s name on someone’s Facebook wall but, for whatever reason, she didn’t check it out. This was the first time she’s been able to ask a “real” person. She signed the petition and took some leaflets.

Only Allah knows what other gifts He bestowed upon sister S. These were some of the things that were visible to me. It made me marvel at Allah’s smaller but vital gifts that we are presented with every day of our lives. Yet, we incredibly fail to notice and choose to feel deprived. Sheikh Yahya once said: “One of the mysteries of life is the things you overlook the most are in fact of the greatest essentials in your life. You overlook the breath you take until you have an asthma attack. You overlook the breath you take until you choke on a bean” AlKauthar’s Out of Sight 2011.

I pray that sister S’s intentions behind her actions and exemplary conduct were purely for the sake of Allah; for the sake of supporting and aiding a brother in need and sharing with others the opportunity to stand for what is right.


Until next time,

Salams & Eid Mubarak


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