Excuses No More

Have you had one of those moments? A surge of energy. A blast of motivation. The “I can!” moment to do an act of worship or something charitable by way of money or effort. Then a while later your will weakens and the self says: “You see, old habit die hard!” Oh well, at least I tried. But did I?  Really?  How about if I work on answering the following questions.


What’s the real story?

Have you asked yourself about the real reason behind the change? It is amazing how many things we go into only because it is expected from us. Can you make a list to justify the work and effort that you’ll have to put in; a list of reasons that you can go back to as a reminder and a way of rekindling the motivation?  

Did I commit?

Once we’ve established that we do want this, I suggest that we go for massive action steps that almost push themselves and us. For example, if I am determined to learn how to recite the Quran and classes have been too difficult for me then I’ll sign up with a Quran tutor who’ll hold me accountable. If I commit to calling my mum overseas once a week then I’ll schedule this into my diary so I get a reminder and can’t book that time for anything else.

Did I unclog?                                                                         

If the memory on your camera is full can you take anymore pictures? You may even be missing wonderful photo opportunities! You need to make space, delete. Isn’t that the case with our inability to taste the sweetness of salah or give to charity wholeheartedly. Our minds and hearts are masked by the screen of sins accumulated through daily life. Let’s dedicate some time to do istighfaar (seek forgiveness from Allah) and be constant on dhikr (remembrance). They have the effect of the delete button, in-sha’allah.


Let’s not keep making excuses for the lack of excellent action. Let’s get a grip and take a step forwards towards Allah. The Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him told us that Allah had said: ““Take one step towards me, I will take ten steps towards you. Walk towards me, I will run towards you.” [Hadith Qudsi]  




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