Obstacles or Options

A whole weekend on Salah (prayer), masha’allah, it was great. I feel that we’ve gained so much knowledge and increased in our sisterhood. I can’t wait for our next London AlKauthar course in February! A thought. How many of you would I meet there?  

At the course we were told about AlKauthar TV. Imagine you get to attend a tertiary level weekend course from the comfort of your home. It wouldn’t replace the actual courses and the knowledge and experience one gains from interacting with the instructors and their fellow students. Such a TV channel, I think, will give another option. Open another door.

It seems like this has been the theme for me these past few weeks. I have a few things I am working on and sometimes I come to a dead-end. I have to stop and reflect.  Consider my options. At times I need to generate new ones or look at what’s available from a different point of view to be able to see the opportunity in it and not just the obstacle. Making decisions can become a complex process when you need to consider their short and long term impact; others affected and resources & support available.

Let’s take the process of seeking knowledge, for example. Many sisters long to learn more about the deen to live their life in a manner that pleases Allah, the Exalted. They understand that this life is a test that requires patience in times of difficulty and gratitude in times of ease. Maintaining states of balanced fear of and hope in Allah is not an effortless achievement.   It is a constant struggle. It’s so much easier to take a back seat and not bother with any action.

When the aim is clear and it is something we are passionate about, the path to achieve it is not as stringent as we may think it is. Many sisters mentioned that they watch certain channels to learn about their deen. Islam Channel, Peace TV, Huda TV, Iqra TV are few examples of those broadcasting in English.   How about checking their programme schedule and instead of watching your favourite channel casually, choose the times when a programme on a chosen topic will be on. Sit with pen and paper and take notes. Even if you say that you’ll never go back to those notes again, the process of writing is engaging at least two of your senses: sight and hearing. Check your bookshelf to supplement this information. Which audio recordings or YouTube clips you will find to clarify or expand on certain things you’ve come across? Talk to family and friends. Share what you’ve learned and gain from what they already know.

Take one step at a time. In-sha’allah, you’ll start seeing, feeling and hearing a difference.  Isn’t that better than staying focused on what you can’t do and feeling even worse three or six months down the line because you can’t travel to a Muslim country to study Arabic or that your personal situation doesn’t allow you to go on courses?

On my way on Sunday morning, I met a sister who had come from Manchester to attend the course. This lovely sister said: “If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. Make dua to Allah with sincerity and he’ll make it easy for you”.    Jazaki Allah khair sis. A much needed reminder.



2 thoughts on “Obstacles or Options

  1. As salaamu alaikum sisThe course was truly amazing, wasn’t it? MashaAllah we were so privileged to be there and learn so much in such a short time. I wish I knew who you are in real life, but insha Allah I’ll be there at Home Sweet Home, so I’ll see you there.

  2. Wa-alykum assalam Umm Ameen, Masha’allah, it’s so true sister. We should be grateful for these opportunities, alhamdulillah. We have met! I will introduce myself to you in Feb, in-sha’allah. See you then 🙂

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