Knowledge Seeking Sisters – Survey Summary (1 of 2)

So what do sisters think about their journey to seek knowledge?

Alhamdulillah, 220 sisters have taken part in the survey: Knowledge Seeking Sisters. I will be publishing the survey in two parts, in-sha’allah. The first, today’s, will mainly be on the numbers and the second will be on the words.

Jazakum Allah khair to everyone who took part and those who forwarded the link to others. I invite your comments and suggestions. 


The Demographics














Almost 40% of you have children masha’allah. Most of these sisters (60%) have 1 or 3 children.


The Knowledge


Which aspects of Islamic knowledge are you interested in?


My Comments:

  • It appears that “most interested” was interpreted as “most time and focus dedicated to that aspect” as many commented that they were interested in all.
  • Arabic was lower in order of priority because a number of sisters already at a good level. Another group had found Arabic too hard and thus have put it aside until they are happier with Quran and Islamic studies.

Why do you seek Islamic knowledge? 

1. I needed an Islamic opinion (Fatwa)


 2. want to improve my Islamic practice and acts of worship

3. I want to teach my children

4. I am a convert to Islam or recently practising

5. My family’s suggestion

6. I enjoy the company of like minded sisters

7. I am involved in community work/Islamic society at University

 8. Increase my Iman/faith

9. Other – To please Allah & attain Jannah; Fulfilling the duty to learn about my religion; to give Dawah (calling others to Islam)


Some of Your Comments:

         “Because it’s every Muslim’s duty to learn about his/her religion. How can you not know what you believe?”

        “To understand how the world works, how it’s supposed to work and how it can be fixed”

        “By “I want to teach my children “I mean that when I get married I want to be able to teach my kids Islamic values”


How do you increase your Islamic knowledge?




Just a few messages before we end:

 To sister: “I’m going to convert soon ^-^”, Did you? May Allah guide you and give steadfastness.

 To sister: “not yet, inshaAllah soon :)”, Have you given birth? May Allah bless you with a pious healthy child.

To sister: “write own book (barely any resources on Islam & environment – KEY issue in Islam)”; Do you know of


Looking forwards to your comments.


Until next week, salaams.


2 thoughts on “Knowledge Seeking Sisters – Survey Summary (1 of 2)

  1. Assalaamu alaykum sismasha’allah i think this survey was such a great idea…Im glad you gotsuch a wonderful response alhamdulillah…insha’allah you are well tc carewsalaamz

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