10 Ways to Kindle your Action (2 of 2)

Last week we made a start on our path to awaken our motivation and keep up the positive attitude and action. Let’s continue…


6. Companionship 

A friend who shares your values and appreciates and respects your goals is a great supporter and motivator. It’s like having your cheering band behind you when in need of invigoration. When you are running out of steam they are willing to give you some coal until you reach a station for refuelling. 


7. Enjoy the journey

Life is testing and it has its ups and downs, that cannot be helped, subhanallah. If you’re making lasagne for the first time and it didn’t come out like the one your brother made or it got burned, what will you do? You can get angry, upset and dwell on how you spoiled a supposedly easy dish. Or you can learn from that experience, be happy that you tried something new and eat the leftover filling with some pitta bread and a side salad. I think the second scenario sounds like a good excuse to invite your neighbour round for a Mediterranean snack.


8. Who are you?

This is major. When you know who you are you start to understand what works for you and what doesn’t. You can stop focusing on what you can’t do and build on your strengths. On your journey to reaching your goal you’ll have to use many methods to keep going. For most of us the journey is full of trials and errors. As you go through them you’ll be exploring who you are and deciding what works for you and what doesn’t. Enjoy the journey that is full of discoveries.


9. Keep your heart alive with the remembrance of Allah

Sometimes the reason for the set back has nothing to do with the gaol itself. It could be about going through a spiritual low. The whisperings of Shytan gets to you and you start thinking why am I bothering. Keep to the daily remembrances, sending peace and blessings upon the Prophet Mohammed and read a portion of the Quran on a daily basis. Of course, the more you can do on a consistently the better.


10. Evaluate

Take time to take stock and evaluate on a regular basis. How are your plans coming along? Is one method working better than another? Should you use a combination of things? Have you discovered a talent that you can explore? Did someone point out a not-so-good trait that could be the reason for the slump?


Well, here we are: ten ways to kindle your action. These were not in order of importance or priority. It is not a shopping list where you have all to be able to move forward. I’d say it is more like a market. You go, enjoy the trip and pick up few things you can use or want to give away as a gift.  

Today’s market included the Muslim corner with lots of CD, books etc to help you maintain your remembrance of Allah. Have you seen the mirror stall? There’s an inspector checking the stalls and evaluating the standards. Everywhere you look you can see you! Make sure you go with a dear friend and make the most of the trip.   


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