10 Ways to Kindle your Action (1 of 2)

Once we decide on our goal we need a burning desire to act and then a bit more motivation to maintain that action. Subhanallah, for one reason or another many of the wonderful and amazing ideas do not see the light or don’t see enough of it to grow into a fruiting tree.

I would suggest to first make sure that the idea is one worthy of pursuing and it speaks to you as a person, as an individual. Ultimately we all have been created to worship Allah alone. Within that each individual person has a purpose to fulfil. Once you decide on what gets you going you can set the wheels in motion using the oiling cans mentioned in this article.

 1. The Vision

One of my friends was forever moaning about wanting to lose weight. That’s until she had set her wedding date and she was totally mesmerised by her wedding dress. Suddenly she became amazingly disciplined with her food and fitness regime.   

Don’t be afraid to think big. Have a vision that gets you excited and tingly every time you think about it. It’ll go a long way in keeping you on your plan and action especially the little nitty- gritty stuff that you have to do. Try the ‘hear, see, smell, feel’ technique.

 2. Prepare

A sister once wondered of the point of planning anything because her kids cause her plans to grind to a halt. She keeps starting and stopping projects and ideas and found it so much more of an effort.  This sister loved her kids dearly but instead of making them an excuse she could have take them into account. If she’s trying to learn Arabic, why not involve them and practice with them. Get the kids into a routine so she has a set time when she can do her revision and homework in peace and quiet.

 3. Invest

I was reading a book once and the author mentioned that one of the reasons people stick with bad habits is that they feel invested in them to give up. Then, how about investing in your goal? In an odd kind of way, when you are facing some rough times hopefully the time, money, effort etc you invested will draw in your commitment.  

You want to improve your recitation of the Quran or memorise the Book of Allah, invest in a class either by physically attending one or online.

 4. Environment

Are your surroundings conducive to attaining your goal? Can you remove or minimise what could distract you from your path to success? Are you serious about getting rid of your excuses? What about surrounding yourself with reminders of your vision and purpose?  What could you easily reach to bring you closer to fulfilling that aspiration.

 5. Dua

However much one of us is rich, strong, knowledgeable we are still limited. We need to recognise this and stay attached to Allah who is the creator and sustainer. So when in need we must ask Him and keep asking with humility, love and persistence. Be informed about the etiquettes of making dua and the times when it’s more likely to be accepted. Next time it rains you’ll be happy to receive Allah’s mercy and the opportunity to make dua.


There are still more to come in the part two. So far, what could kindle your motivation?

  1. Have a vision that gets you excited and tingly every time you think about it.  
  2. Prepare how you’ll deal with the  “excuses”
  3. Invest in your goal
  4. Check: Is the reachable distracting or affirming?
  5. Be grateful for rain!



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