Awaken your senses



Now that you are conscious about your intentions and actively renewing it to seek the pleasure of Allah The Most High let’s look at the second step. What does seeking the pleasure of Allah mean to you?  Within your heart and mind.

Does it mean Jannah (paradise)? Does it mean a standard of life that won’t tempt you into haram? Does it mean healthy parents whom you can be attending to? Does it mean a line of work that you enjoy and it benefits others? It helps when we have a clear idea of what our aim looks, feels, sounds and even smells like.

When you plan to recite the Quran in a melodious voice and with correct tajweed seeking the pleasure of Allah, can you taste the sweetness of those words before even starting.

When you decide to learn Arabic seeking the pleasure of Allah do you see yourself among the companions in Madinah listening to the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) giving the Khutbah (speech) in Arabic.

When you put the kids to beds after they have been driving you crazy all day, can you smell the musk and incense burning on their wedding?  Time flies and in-sha’allah it was blessed because you spent it seeking the pleasure of Allah in raising and teaching your children.

When you visited a sick friend seeking the pleasure of Allah, did you hear both of you laughing and enjoying each other’s company in Jannah.

Even though you may know your goal and you know it is something you really want you may, from time to time, need a boost of motivation. Think of your goal and imagine how will the journey and the achievement feel, sound, look, and smell like. 

 No time is better than the present. Think of a goal that you are pursuing or planning for and try the ‘What can you hear, smell, see and feel?’ exercise.

How did find it?


3 thoughts on “Awaken your senses

  1. I really liked the transitions about the children and visiting a sick friend. Hear, smell, and feel – I ‘know’ that but don’t use it often, so this was a nice reminder. Jazakallahukhair,

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