Why Celebrate?

To keep us balanced. That’s the short and sweet answer.

Why don’t we celebrate? Well there is along answer to that. For one reason or another many of us don’t acknowledge our achievements and make failure into a devastating event. Sometimes there is a perception that what we did isn’t really an achievement; it’s was too little; not enough or somebody else could have done it better. How about our perception of failure? Is it because we feel that the world will end if we fail? Others will hate us. Subhanallah, imagine all of this going on inside us and filling us with doubt. How hard is it to attempt something new while carrying all these doubts.

The Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) ordered a man to tie his camel and then rely on Allah. Take action to the best of your ability and remember to keep your heart attached to Allah. However things turn out to be afterwards can only be for the best. So if it does not work out after the honest work you put into it, submit to the will of Allah and learn a lesson or be willing to see another door open.

Celebrations don’t have to be huge as long as they are fit for purpose:

  1.  Islamically halal
  2. Within ones means
  3. Something to look forwards to
  4. Creative not restrictive

Islamically halal:

i.e. that it is within the Islamic teachings. How would you know? Well you learn, ask and keep your ears and eyes open to what will please Allah.

Within your means

I mean extravagance. You don’t want any of that especially if there is a risk of falling into showing off.

Something to look forwards to

I would have thought that’s the purpose of a celebration. To remember the joy and look forwards to the next step forward in life.   

Creative not restrictive

It can be hard to think of something to reward yourself with especially when we have the habit of associating celebrations with big events. How about starting with Sujud Ashukur (prostration of thankfulness), or wearing your favourite dress or giving something for charity.

What do you do to celebrate your personal achievements? Can you suggest any for your sisters to try?


Jazkun Allah khair to all sisters who contributed to the clip


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