If only Eid was everyday

By Mariam Basher


On the welcomed day

Of Eid ul fitr

You wake up with a smile

And begin to fiddle.


This beautiful day

Has just come

You put on your new clothes,

And see what you’ve become


Those days of Ramadan

Have made you more devout.

And you’ve grown inside

Without a doubt.


You hear the Qutba

And intently you listen

You pray the Eid prayer

And feel your heart glisten


You leave the mosque

And around you, you see

So many who are

Your friends and family


The people who are

Important to you.

The people you know

To you are true.


With your family

You spend the afternoon.

Yet you know the end

Is coming too soon.


You give and receive presents

Which come with so much thought;

You know they only thought of you

When that present was bought.


You see the joy surrounding you

And how content you are…

But once again you know

The end is not far.


You lay down on your bed

Knowing this day has come to an end,

Sadly you have to say goodbye

To Eid Day, your friend.


But never forget what delight

Came on this day

I know what you’re thinking…

If only Eid was everyday


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