Power, ingots of iron and molten copper

“It was hard for me to make it for Fajr and now I’m waking up an hour before to have suhoor”


“I didn’t think I can survive without my morning coffee but after almost a month I’m still alive!”


“I look forwards to our masjid’s Iftar. It’s nice to share food and be in the company of sisters” 

During the month of Ramadan some of us may have been somewhat disappointed for not achieving all that we planned. In-sha’allah, I hope that all of us learned something about themselves, gained a good character and/or got rid of a less pleasing one.

 Is it the blessings of this month that has added that magical ingredient? Or maybe it is that the devils are chained and out of our way. It could be the effect fasting has on weakening our desires and allowing our love for Allah and his worship to triumph. I would say it is a combination of all of the above and more. They all came together to help polish and refine what is there already. Yes, what is there already. Do not underestimate yourselves. Allah the Exalted has honoured the son of Adam and placed in him many talents and the ability to learn and adapt. You can call it the raw material that has potential to become something great. Allah’s vicegerent on this Earth.  

Don’t you remember the people Thul-Qarnayn met?

 {When he reached between the two barriers he found on one side of them a nation who could barely understand speech. ‘Thul-Qarnayn,’ they said, ‘Look, Gog and Magog are corrupting the earth. Build for us a barrier between us and them, and we will pay you a tribute.’ He replied: ‘that which my Lord has given me is better, therefore help me with all your power, and I will build a barrier between you and between them. Bring me ingots of iron.’ After he had levelled between the two cliffs, he said: ‘Blow.’ And when he made it a fire, he said: ‘Bring me molten copper so that I may pour over it.’ Thereafter they (Gog & Magog) could neither scale it, nor could they pierce it. He said: ‘This is a mercy from my Lord. But when my Lord’s promise comes, He will make it dust. The promise of my Lord is true.’} AlKahf 18:93-98

 Have you not noticed that they had the man power and raw materials of iron and copper? Yet, they needed Thul-Qarnayn to bring those together and help them build the barrier to protect them from the people of Gog and Magog.

Let’s ask Allah the Exalted to enable us to recognise his favours, be grateful for them and use them in what is beneficial in this life and the after.


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