Regret is Regrettable

If only I had pushed myself to attend the Taraweeh prayers!

If only I woke up for Suhoor I wouldn’t be so hungry now!

If only I had made more time for reciting the Quran!

If only…. If only … If only …

Subhanallah, so many of us know what needs to be done and for any number of reasons we don’t take action. What’s worse is having to cope with the guilt that we feel afterwards.  The hours of Ramadan are passing fast. I say hours because that is how they feel. A few months ago we were talking about Ramadan and how it’ll be a longer fast this year and now we are already in the last week.

So what shall we do now? Feel down and come hard on ourselves and in the process lose valuable Ibadah and recitation time?

No, we will not give up, dwell on the past or listen to that discouraging voice inside us. We learned our lesson and we’ll move on. By the will of Allah we’ll get up, “psyche” ourselves and get into full gear. With sincerity and resolve we hope that Allah will have mercy on us and include us within those He grants salvation from the hellfire and eternal abode in the gardens of Paradise.

Remember until the soul reaches the throat or the sun rises from the west, it is not too late. It’s not too late to make amends, to repent and start a new page with every breath.


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