The Path to Knowledge

I love it when students give me the answers I am looking for. That way I don’t have to convince them to do what I want. When I was starting a new term with one of the classes in my local supplementary school I posed a question: “What is the point of homework?”.  I had brilliant answers from a class of 12-14 years old girls: “To make sure we understood the lesson”, “To get more practice” and “To prepare us for the next lesson”. Of course I still got a few cheeky responses which were to be expected.

We can learn so much from Musa (peace be upon him) and his story with AlKhidr that was mentioned in Surah AlKahf. Musa, a great prophet who was mentioned in the Quran more times than the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) humbled himself to seeking a learned man to benefit from.

He prepared himself and sought good company for his journey. Musa (pbuh) strove and persisted.

{When Moses said to his (assisting) youth: ‘I will not give up until I reach the point where the two seas meet even though I should go on for many years} AlKahf 18:60

He sought AlKhidr’s permission to accompany and learn from him.

{and found one of Our worshipers to whom We had given from Our Mercy, and to whom We had taught knowledge of Ours. Moses said to him: ‘May I follow you so that you can teach me of that you have learned of righteousness?} AlKahf 18:65-66

 Alkhidr gave Musa (pbuh) a key to attaining knowledge: Patience.

 {‘You will not bear patiently with me,’ He replied. ‘For how can you bear patiently with that which you have never encompassed in your knowledge?} AlKahf 18-67-68

 Musa (pbuh) did not stay long in the company of AlKhidr. However when we recite Surah AlKahf time and time again and from that blessed brief encounter we gain tremendous benefits in wisdom and knowledge.



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