Mixing can be Testing

When I asked a group of sisters what they looked forwards to most in Ramadan, the majority said Tarweeh prayers and breaking their fast (Iftar) with family & friends. Both are communal activities which bring people together.

As we are social creatures we like the company of others especially when associated with enjoyable activities. In this case Ibadah and food.  Now that Ramadan has come and we are having our family and group Iftars and praying taraweeh some of our differences and disagreement may surface. You see, however much fun we are having mixing with people can be testing.

People are of different temperaments and have different priorities and desires. These may cause us to clash. Let’s make Ramadan a training ground for our attitude towards others.

  1. Love for the sake of Allah

 To love for your brother what you love for yourself is a way for perfecting your belief. This is an excellent starting point to shape your attitude and thus your behaviour.

Tip:        When faced with a “challenging” sister say to yourself “She’s my sister and I love her for the sake of Allah”

  1. Patience

Alhamdulillah, in Ramadan we have a good phrase to replace any inappropriate words that may uttered in a moment of anger or annoyance: O Allah, I am fasting.

If there’s a situation you know that will make you angry or will unsettle you, prepare. Try to avoid the situation altogether or minimise its effect by preparing your calm composed response or your choice not to respond at all.

Tip:        Remind yourself “Allah has given glad tidings to the patient ones”

  1. Good intentions

We shouldn’t jump to conclusions! If someone has done something that we found upsetting, let’s give them a break and assume it was unintentional. Or even try and ask to clarify.

Tip:        Would you do the same thing if you were in  her shoes?

  1. Dua

In this blessed month, let’s seize the opportunities to make dua for our families, neighbours, friends and the whole of the Muslim ummah.

{Forgive us our Lord, and forgive our brothers who were believers before us. Do not put in our hearts any spite towards those who believe. Lord, You are the Gentle, the Most Merciful.} Al-Hasher 59:10



4 thoughts on “Mixing can be Testing

  1. Assalamulaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu, Mashallah very useful tips. As I was reading them I thought that it was a reminder that is very much needed especially as Ramadan is drawing to an end and we are focusing on Eid. And this is a reminder to myself before anyone else. Jazakallahkhair sister Hanan.

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