Sisters… Keep up the momentum

Subhannallah, the Quran has a sweetness on the tongue and brings coolness to the heart and the month of Ramadan is a month we desire an increase in these bounties. As sisters, when we go through times when we cannot fast or pray we feel like we are missing out. There are scholars who say that one can still recite the Quran in that state and other don’t permit it. Either way, I hope the following suggestions will be of use to my dear sisters.

The Plan beforehand  

a. If you’re goal is to complete the recitation of the whole Quran, account for those days so not to feel they are wasted and have to panic at the end of the month.

b. Make sure that your Quran goals are Specific; that you stick to them (be disciplined) and give yourself a pat on the back when your schedule goes to plan.

c. If you slip and don’t follow your plan, as it happens to many of us, don’t be disheartened. Say alhamdulillah. Learn from the lesson and be better prepared for the next session in your schedule

The Plan During – Quran

a. Prepare your CDs, downloads onto MP3 players etc so you can listen to the Quran while on the move, while cooking, getting the kids to bed etc

b. Watch the Taraweeh prayers on TV/online and listen to the Imam’s recitation

c. Help others practice their recitation by listening to them and correcting them if needed

The Plan During – Other

a. Spend the night making Dua. These can be specifically about the Quran or Duas from the Quran

b. Use the time you allocated for your recitation to read the tafseer , if you aren’t already; read/listen to audios on Stories from the Quran, the Muslim etiquette with the Quran and other topics you came across while reciting

c. Keep a journal of your reflections/thoughts. Refer to it during and after Ramadan as a reminder and inspiration

We ask Allah to make the Quran the life of our hearts, the light of our chests and a departure from our sorrow and a release from our anxiety… Ameen



2 thoughts on “Sisters… Keep up the momentum

  1. salamunalaikum.Relish Ramadhan either ways-Either by feeding your soul with taqwa or by feeding the hungry with food.The former is harder and the latter is hard.Think bigger and do better.

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