Hunger, a prompt

It’s the third day of Ramadan, how are you feeling so far? Here in the UK we are breaking our fast around 8.00pm; it’s a long day. I start feeling hungry around late afternoon though I have enough to keep me busy. However, is feeling the hunger something that requires distraction from?

One of the many benefits we gain in Ramadan is a feel for what our poorer brothers and sisters go through on a daily basis. There are many who live below the poverty line even in the UK though we don’t see or know of them. The physical pain we go through gets us to pay attention, empathise and hopefully take action.

“You find the Muslims in their mutual love and compassion, like one body, should any organ of it fall ill, the rest of the body will share in the fever and sleeplessness that ensues”, [Bukhari]

Action can be in the form of charity which is part and parcel of being a Muslim. Zakah is a pillar of Islam and sadaqa is highly recommended at all times. Before we start exercising our giving muscle let’s do the ABC warm up:

1. Acknowledge Allah’s bounties in your health, peace, family, work etc and be grateful; say “Alhamdulillah” now.

2. Be sincere to Allah in all your actions

3. Cheerfulness; give with a smile and a good word

Here is a list of recommended “exercises”:

1. When making the Iftar meal, make enough so not to waste

2. Share your food with neighbours

3. Don’t eat your fill; leave a space for breathing and drinking

4. When attending the masjid Iftar, take something to share; dates, juice, bread etc, if you can

5. Sponsor an Iftar in the masjid or community centre

6. Contribute to charity organisations for Iftar initiatives

7. Contribute to homeless charity organisations

8. Help out during group Iftars by giving out food, clearing, looking after the younger attendees, if you can

9. Make dua for the Ummah

10. Tend to your Muslim brothers/sisters needs to the best of your ability

What can you add?

Share your ideas and good practices.


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