In the name of Allah we begin…

Assalam alykum all and welcome to Muslimah ETC.

For a long time I have been contemplating what to call this blog and subhanallah when I was listening to a talk on TV the sheikh mentioned this hadith:

The messenger of Allah was asked about the most common reasons for people to enter Jannah and he, (peace be upon him) replied: “Taqwa and good character”. [Tirmithi]

I am sure that whenever any of us hear Jannah, we pay attention. I know I did.

As you can see there are two elements to this hadith, the first is taqwa which is normally translated as fearing Allah or being conscious of Him. From the many explanations I have come across I like the concept of taqwa being a shield. A shield that protects the person from what could cause the anger and displeasure of Allah. What are we going to make that shield from? We can get a quick one, Blue- Peter-style here’s one I made earlier type of thing or invest time ,effort and money in a custom made full body armour?

The second element is good character. I know so many people with wonderful and dear I say gorgeous character. It is a pleasure and a benefit to be around them. They come from all walks of life. Still they manage to have common sense and use common courtesy. Though now a days common sense is not common any more. However, to a Muslim good character is set in the guidance of the Quran and the teaching of the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). We have the map and we just need to make the sincere intention and effort to use it.

In the second hadith of Imam Nawawi’s forty ahadith collections, angel Jibril asked the Prophet (peace be upon him) about Islam and Iman. Broadly speaking Islam is actions of the limbs and Iman is actions of the heart. Then Jibril asked about Ihsan (excellence) and the Prophet said “To worship Allah as if you see him, though you don’t see Him he sees you”. Let me give you few more examples. How excellent is a prayer if performed as if it’s your last. How excellent is a charity if given from the best of what you own? How excellent is looking after an orphan if done to be close to the Prophet (peace be upon him) in Jannah? Can you see the difference? I won’t be praying; giving charity and doing other good deeds to just release my obligation, I would be doing these with love and motivation because I am running to the pleasure of Allah.

I guess here’s where lifecoaching comes in; in the excellence part of Muslimah ETC. While I was doing my free lifecoaching sessions with many of my sisters I had a glimpse into their inner selves. Their hopes, fears and most of all their dreams. Tabarakallah, there’s so much good in these sisters and their potential is immense. I can say, Alhamdulillah, many of them found benefit in those sessions. They gained clarity of aim, focus of direction, a plan to move forward or a strategy to overcome an obstacle. All keys to unleash the energy within and make the most of what’s without.

I invite you to browse through these pages and tell me what you think.

Until next time… salaams,



3 thoughts on “In the name of Allah we begin…

  1. Assalam alykum,Ramadan Kareem dear sister. I am very glad to visit your blog and read your articles, mashaallah, wish you all the success Dunia & Aakhera.In short, just wanted to say mubarak and congratulationsyour sis,Amal

  2. Salaams HananMasha’allah well done for all your hard work. I’m enjoying browsing through your blog.Keep me and my family in your duas.WassalamTahira

  3. Salams Amal & Tahira. Jazkum Allah khair for your comments. Do spread the word! May Allah accept our fasting and prayers in this blessed month

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